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Payroll Software Australia

Wage Easy Payroll System

OSS Employee Services is an accredited reseller of the Wage Easy Payroll & HR software.

Designed for Australian employment conditions, Wage Easy Payroll Software & HR is providing the ideal solution for many thousands of businesses around Australia in different industries.

Wage Easy Payroll Software will totally automate your processes and reduce the time required to produce  the wages and manage your human resource. 

Wage Easy has the only  true across industry award interpreter that prepares the pay slip from a time sheet in seconds. It is easy to use and the operator no longer needs detailed knowledge of complex awards, contracts or employment agreements. Unlike other payroll systems, Wage Easy Payroll can provide true award interpretation, based on actual times worked.

Why Wage Easy Payroll?

Administering employees and their payments can use a large amount of business resources. In large companies, this usually means specific administration staff and systems - in small businesses it often means late nights for the manager and the sense of a chore that steals time from the productive areas of the business.

Much time and energy is required to gather the correct information to ensure compliance with complex regulations, awards and contracts. Employment conditions often include penalties for varying hours of work, days of work, hours of work within a day, overtime payments and so on. Other employee administration tasks include calculation and provision of information on superannuation, sick, annual and long service leave, workers compensation insurance, taxation, and employment statistics, plus payments for most of the above. This is made all the more difficult when there are staff on different awards or conditions.

Without the use of efficient methodologies and good information systems, the employee administrative load wastes a huge amount of business time and resources. Wage Easy Payroll provides you with a more accurate and efficient information and wages systems which will allow the release of resources for use in improving business operation and will reduce the amount of industrial friction and compliance problems caused by error.

Wage Easy Payroll is the ideal solution!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


OSS Employee Services 23-25 Davies St, Rosanna, 3084, Victoria, Australia
Ph: +61 3 9459 1884 Fax: +61 3 9459 9407 Email: info@osses.net.au
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